An analysis of the poem diving into the wreck

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Much earlier, Buffy threatens Whistler with something similar.The title, "Diving into the Wreck," lays out the basic idea here. To put it simply, the speaker is a diver, looking for the wreck of a ship beneath the ocean.

Diving into the Wreck Analysis

She puts on scuba gear, and describes the process of descending to the wreck. First we hear about the trip down the ladder into the water. Dec 13,  · Analysis of “Diving into the Wreck” by Adrienne Rich Adrienne Rich, according to the editors of The Norton Anthology of American Literature, is a poet who “addresses with particular power the experiences of women, experiences often omitted from history and misrepresented in literature” ().

Ruth Whitman. I believe that "Diving into the Wreck" is one of the great poems of our time. It is a poem of disaster, with a willingness to look into it deeply and steadily, to learn whatever dreadful information it contains, to accept it.

Poem of the Masses.

Poem Analysis of “Diving Into the Wreck”

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Poem of the Masses

We do things one way; they do things another.

An analysis of the poem diving into the wreck
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